Sports reporter, Kelton Brooks

This sports blog is here to let you know exactly what I think and feel about captivating, popular and controversy sports topics.

Sometimes I’m asked how I got into writing and reporting. When I was in high school in Memphis, TN, the school often had a writing prompt or competition, where the highest score you could receive is a five. I scored a four on my first try, but I didn’t take writing seriously until a teacher asked me have I ever though about writing/talking about sports, which was all I ever talked about all through school.

It wasn’t even about being a sports fan for me growing up. I was simply fascinated by the stars of the game and how they came to be. What’s makes this team better than its counterpart? Why are the stakes of this game so high? Why is playing in Madison Square Garden so historically special?

Why and how in the world is a “Brown” a logo for a team?

I grew up playing baseball and idolizing Ken Griffey Jr., but after after two knee surgeries and a compound fracture on my fourth toe on my left foot, I figured talking and writing about sports was the safer and less painful option.

Can you blame me?

I still frequently play recreation flag-football and venture to the gym.

My name is Kelton Brooks and I’m currently a sportswriter for the The Hutchinson News in Hutchinson, KS. I also serve as a member of The News Editorial board to determine topics for local and national editorials. I was previously a law enforcement and courts reporter for The Hutchinson News where I reported a wide variety a community shaking jury trials, crime and breaking news.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism at the University of Mississippi. I was an intern at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Pittsburgh, PA covering sports and breaking news before moving on to covering crime in Garden City, KS for the Garden City Telegram.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great Look with this website Kelton. You’re on your way to the commentators table aren’t you my guy?! – Teven Lee

  2. Very good Kelton, your site is so original and inspiring. Keep up the good work because it’s definitely going to pay off!

    GO RAMS! (:

  3. Son, I am proud of not only who you are but who what inspire to be and that`s the” BEST DAMN JOURNALIST” out there. Continue to keep your eyes on the prize, stay focus, humble, grounded and most of all Prayed Up. I love you…….til death and after.


    ps, RAIDER4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! youbettergetonboard!!!!!!

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